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John Edmiston

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Powerpoints and Audio of Lectures

lecture 1

Lecture 1 - What Is Prayer? PowerPoint

  Handout as a PDF

mp3 of lecture 1 freeMP3 of Lecture 1


Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Praying In The Names of God (PowerPoint)

Handout as a PDF

free MP3MP3 audio of Lecture 2 (40MB)


Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - Praying the Promises & Prayers of the Bible (PowerPoint)

Lecture as a PDF

free MP3MP3 Audio of Lecture 3 (24 MB)

lecture 4

Lecture 4- Praying As Jesus Prayed (PowerPoint)

Lecture 4 - Praying as Jesus Prayed - as a PDF

free MP3 lecture 4 MP3 Audio of Lecture 4

lecture 5

Lecture 5 - Spiritual Authority (PowerPoint)

Lecture 5 - Spiritual Authority, as a PDF

free mp3 lecture 5 spiritual authorityFree MP3 of Lecture 5 Spiritual Authority

lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Spiritual Warfare (PowerPoint)

Lecture 6 - handout as a PDF

free mp3 lecture 6 spiritual warfare Lecture 6 Spiritual Warfare MP3 file (47MB)

lecture 7 the holy spirit and prayer

Fleeing The Machine PowerPoint

Fleeing the Machine handout

free mp3 fleeing the machineFleeing The Machine MP3 file (just John's talk)

free mp3 lecture 7 the Holy Spirit and PrayerLecture 7 The Holy Spirit and Prayer - MP3 (full lecture)

Mike Orlando prayer notes


Lecture eight

Steve King - Touching God, Touching Others PDF

free mp3Steve King MP3 file

Other Downloads

Solution-Focused Faith

Walking In The Spirit - 1

Walking In The Spirit - 2

Walking In The Spirit - 3

Walking In The Spirit- 4

The Greek Words for Prayer


hands cross prayerPraying In Order To Get Results

Take-Home Exam (doc format)


The online course Praying To Get Results evolved out of a series of eight 3 hr lectures in San Pedro with the first six lectures being teaching and the last two lectures being mainly practical ministry times.

The column on the right has the lecture topics, PowerPoint slides, class handouts and the MP3 audio of the teaching segments of each lecture.

Many were blessed during this series and we hope that online learners will be equally blessed by this anointed course.

Just listen to the audio, while viewing the PowerPoints or handouts, take notes, then when you have finished, do the Take Home Exam and email it to me.

If you feel that the course has helped you please donate and support the work of this ministry (see button above).


John Edmiston