These prayers are from Scripture, and from various great spiritual leaders down the years.
Recommended procedure is:
1. Download the file,
2. Read it deeply
3. And then pray it a few times so it 'sinks in".

You may also print them out. They are in PDF format.

The Lord's Prayer

Jesus Prays For The Church

Praying For Spiritual Growth (Paul's Prayer For The Church At Ephesus)

Praying For Discipleship

Praying For Wisdom

Praying Under Testing (Gethsemane)

Praying Under Persecution

Praying For Your Pastor / Minister

Praying For Missionaries and Evangelists

Praying For Spiritual Cleansing (a 3-panel, PDF brochure that you can print out and use in ministry)

The Prayer Of The Crucified Saint

The Prayer For Perfect Love

The Prayer For Perfect Peace

Praying For Inner Strength

Praying For Inner Strength

The Sovereignty Confession